Concrete 101 Video Training

Concrete 101 Training –  a series of short videos, usually about 15 minutes or so, that explore concrete technology fundamentals.

If you are new to concrete, or just need a refresher on a particular area, Concrete 101 will help you understand what goes on inside your plant, and the nuts and bolts of the products that we make every day.

Introduction to Concrete 101

QC/QC Part 1>

  • QA/QC roadmap for Dry Cast Concrete Products
  • Raw Materials

QC/QC Part 2>

  • QA/QC quick and easy tests during production
  • Final product checks

Aggregates Part 1

  • aggregate properties and how they affect manufactured concrete products
  • aggregate moisture absorption
  • lightweight aggregates

Aggregates Part 2

  • particle packing
  • gradations and FM
  • aggregate blends
  • typical grading curves


  • what is it and how its made
  • different kinds of cement
  • hydration process

Cement Hydration and Pozzolans

  • using fly ash and slag cement
  • cement hydration process
  • how pozzolans work
  • practical tips and tricks



  • why use admixtures
  • how admixtures work
  • water repellents
  • efflorescence control